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A market-driven consulting partner for a new era of uncertainty.

Lumevity co-creates self-funding organization transformation capabilities that focus on three key outcomes: improving operations, driving bottom-line impact, and engaging the workforce.

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Our operational, digital, and cultural capabilities are integrated in a proven approach to organizational activation and value realization. Together, they create an ecosystem in which you design and propel holistic transformation.

Eliminate inefficiencies. Uncover opportunities. Reimagine work.

Who we are

Lumevity evolved from a relentless transformation program at one of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America.

That program resulted in $500 million of direct bottom-line impact and economic value in its first three years and will continue to drive results for years to come.

Lumevity is leveraging that real-world experience to enable other organizations to build readiness in the face of constant uncertainty.


Larry Kleinman

Board Chair

Larry is a senior executive with extensive experience developing and implementing large-scale workforce and organizational change strategies. He connects the knowledge, experience, resources, and ideas needed to simultaneously drive revenue and improve employee engagement.

Marcus Johnson

Managing Director Delivery

Marcus brings 20 years of experience in industry and consulting. Leveraging process and structural improvement through value-based change, he helps companies realize financial and operational excellence through operating model and organization redesign, process engineering, root cause analysis, and corrective action planning.

Kelli Amerine

Managing Director Marketing & Product Development

Kelli brings 25 years of executive-level experience focused on leading change management for organizations and critical projects through innovation and ideation. Her pioneering and creative methods for achieving results have led to unparalleled employee engagement and high adoption rates for large-scale, complex change programs.

Rob Spence

Managing Director Finance & Operations

Rob brings nearly 30 years of consulting and industry experience, with a focus on designing scalable change and implementing lasting transformation. His creative yet practical strategies have generated substantial short-term and long-term benefits, and his innovative visions have inspired significant advancements in the way companies think about and do work.

Duane Dickson

Managing Director Client Growth & Delivery

Duane brings over 40 years of experience creating and commercializing new operating models, workflows, and digitally enabled assets that pioneer transformative trends in business.

Douglas Williams

Director Ideation Solutions

Doug brings nearly 30 years of experience helping clients design and build innovation and ideation programs that create business value and cultivate an engaged, committed workforce.

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