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Results that put business challenges into perspective.

We’re a team of senior leaders skilled in organization effectiveness, digital technologies, and leading change.

We use both proven approaches and innovative new methods to dig deep and find options that get to root causes – not just symptoms.

The following business cases showcase solutions in action.

Many of them continue to produce results — saving time, resources, and costs — freeing people and organizations to operate at remarkable levels.

Enterprise effectiveness: reimagining work organization-wide

Internal op/org model capability optimizes cross-functional transformation

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Saving $17M and optimizing case management

Centralized op model modernizes antiquated workflows and establishes measurable performance benchmarks

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Liberating $5.7M and activating engagement

Federated analytics model unleashes resources and drives cross-department collaboration

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Lightbulb glowing in dark

Saving $56M and enhancing integrated care with real-time automation

Machine learning predicts high-complexity patients and doubles diagnostic capacity

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Doctors talking to pharmaceutical sales representative, shaking hands.

Generating $1.7M and optimizing risk coding with advanced AI

Natural language processing increases efficiency and activates employees

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Back view of design professionals having training class in the office.

Saving $2.5M and optimizing learning

Centralized training program improves efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness of learning experience

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Saving $80K and driving efficiency

Simple bot automates license renewal and liberates employees

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Readiness and adoption: navigating complex change

Organization-wide capability revolutionizes change management

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Driving organization-wide change with human-centered design

Customer-focused change approach activates employees and catalyzes adoption

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