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Centralized training program saves $2.5M and optimizes learning  experience

Centralization of learning and development functions improves efficiency, consistency, and learning experience.

Project Summary

Client: One of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America.

Challenge: Disconnected training systems led to high costs and inconsistent learning.

Solution: Organize, centralize, and optimize siloed and duplicative L&D systems.

Results: $2.5M in savings, improved efficiency and consistency of training


A strong Learning and Development system is the cornerstone of a unified, enthusiastic, and engaged employee base. Training employees in job-specific functions, supporting them in long-term career development, and cultivating a company-wide approach to growth and perpetual improvement, Learning and Development drives successful talent management and enables sustained proficiency.

But what happens when a company’s Learning and Development system isn’t strong, unified, or engaging? What happens when it doesn’t help employees learn or develop, but actually impedes them from growing in their respective roles?

Our client, one of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America, had a Learning and Development system that was intensely siloed and highly duplicative. Seven independent learning management systems existed throughout the business units, leading to narrowly specialized teams who only served one business unit, overly complicated and inconsistent learning experiences, and excess spend from multiple contracts with the same vendor.

Without a strong foundation of integrated resources to upskill and support the employee base, the enterprise undermined its growth, culture, and even its bottom line. The client needed to consolidate its Learning and Development systems and update its offerings to better serve the increasingly integrated and unified employee population.


Together with key leaders, Lumevity restructured the client’s disconnected Learning and Development functions into one cohesive, enterprise-wide business unit. The new system eliminated duplicative technologies and operating models, and it revitalized Learning and Development from every angle: learning team workflow, the user experience, and cost efficiency.

For Learning and Development teams, Lumevity cross-trained employees to flexibly function within the newly centralized system – now, without the weight of confusing and conflicting operating models, team members could support any enterprise employee from any business unit.

The restructuring also evaluated and optimized learning management systems from a human-centered design perspective. A single online, self-service platform replaced the seven independent learning systems. With consistent design, templates, and structure, the new platform simplified Learning and Development tools for users and created a unified learning experience for all enterprise employees.

Finally, the new system centralized independent contract management systems into a single unit. Now, the client was able to avoid having multiple contracts with the same vendors.


This collaboration between Lumevity and the client’s Learning and Development team highlights the incredible power of driving financial impact and cultivating employee engagement. At first glance, the two benchmarks might seem at odds with one another. However, by consolidating and streamlining the client’s Learning and Development functions into a unified system, Enterprise L&D eliminated unnecessary spend while elevating the learning experience. Employee engagement dovetailed into financial impact – that’s the power of embracing the “and.”

$2.5M savings

In just one year of use, the newly integrated Enterprise Learning and Development system saved the client $2.5 million, with an expected $3.5 million in year two.

Improved learning experience

With a streamlined and user-friendly learning platform, the learning team can support the entire enterprise with more agility, and employees benefit from a less complicated and more consistent learning experience.

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