Saving $80K and driving  efficiency

Simple bot automates license renewal and liberates employees

Project Summary

Client: One of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America

Challenge: Manually verifying license renewals drove disengagement and overspend

Approach: Create a bot to automate retrieval, verification, and database updates

Outcomes: $80K saved, 80% reduction in process time, improved patient care


The client’s HR department manually researched, validated, and updated medical licenses and certificates within its internal database each year. With 9,500+ employees needing updates, this cumbersome process led to: 

  • Weeks-long update periods that often pushed past regulatory renewal time frames
  • Disengaged employees completing repetitive and granular tasks
  • Low ROI from underutilized employee time
  • Sub-optimal patient care when HR utilized clinical staff to collect updates


Lumevity worked with project leaders to automate the renewal process. The bot: 

  • Independently pulls employee license and certification information from relevant websites based on the due date of each renewal
  • Updates employee files in HR database with renewal data
  • Assigns manual review tasks to employees whose Act 33 and 34 clearances have expired  



Saved in annual human hours


Reduction in renewal process time

Better patient care

From reduced human participation and increased employee satisfaction

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