Case Studies


Enterprise effectiveness: reimagining work organization-wide

Internal op/org model capability optimizes cross-functional transformation

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Saving $17M and optimizing case management

Centralized op model modernizes antiquated workflows and establishes measurable performance benchmarks

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Liberating $5.7M and activating engagement

Federated analytics model unleashes resources and drives cross-department collaboration

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Back view of design professionals having training class in the office.

Saving $2.5M and optimizing learning

Centralized training program improves efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness of learning experience

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Driving 33% cost reduction and optimizing HR

Centralized HR services model drives integrated digital, operational, and cultural change

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Optimizing operations with human-centered change

Op model redesign + SVP transition saves thousands and activates team

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Saving $1.7M and streamlining staffing

Redesigned op model reduces clinical hire-to-start window and skyrockets productivity

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Driving $2M and enhancing hospital care

Optimized workflow activates collaboration and delivers better patient experience

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Generating $6M and optimizing utilization management

Demand-based op model expedites case assignment and catalyzes productivity

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