Cultivating Clarity and Employee Engagement with  Agile

We worked with the client to restructure the Medical Economics team into an Agile Scrum team.


The client’s Medical Economics team served a complex array of workstreams for customers across the enterprise. With a fluid and unstructured work environment, however:

  • The intricate web of workstreams made it difficult for the team to prioritize requests and maintain productivity
  • Problems took days or even weeks to solve if employees couldn’t find each other
  • Employees struggled to engage with an unnecessarily complicated workstream and an unclear process

Approach & Outcomes

We worked with the client to restructure the Medical Economics team into an Agile Scrum team. This new team: 

  • Used Scrum and tools such as JIRA to visualize work in progress, develop a streamlined workflow, and create a standardized prioritization system 
  • Implemented daily stand-up meetings to remove process roadblocks and efficiently solve problems 
  • Increased their Gallup Employee Engagement scores by an average of 0.6 points per question after implementing Scrum

Customer Quotes

“Adding Agile to the Med Econ toolbox created standard workflows and communication points to help the team prioritize their work in an ever-changing environment.”

Director, Medical Economics

“Agile has given my team clarity and transparency and has fostered a more collaborative work environment that has allowed the team to improve and progress toward our end goals.”

Manager, Medical Economics

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