Optimizing Enrollment with  Agile

We helped the client stand up a cross-functional team to understand the problem and develop a solution.


Despite owning advanced electronic enrollment programs, insurance employees performed 15% of member enrollment manually. This led to: 

  • Reduced Efficiency as enrollment employees operated below their level of expertise
  • Unnecessary Administrative Cost from wasted time and underutilized technology
  • Sub-Optimal Customer Satisfaction as members experienced unnecessary delays in enrollment 


We helped the client stand up a cross-functional team to understand the problem and develop a solution. Using agile principles, the team: 

  • Scoped the problem via in-depth stakeholder and customer research
  • Visualized the end-to-end enrollment process to ‘identify the why’ and iterate potential solutions
  • Discovered an enhancement to an existing tool that reduced manual enrollment from 15% to 4%


Financial Value
The new enhancement is projected to reduce annual operating costs by $500K

Increased Efficiency
By visualizing the end-to-end process, the team discovered and removed additional redundant steps in the enrollment process 

Customer Satisfaction
Involving the customer in the iteration journey aligned final product with customer needs

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