Readiness and adoption: navigating complex  change

Organization-wide capability revolutionizes change management

Project Summary

Client: One of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America

Challenge: Outdated change management systems limited organization-wide transformation

Approach: Create a change capability that blends human-centered design with operational efficiency

Outcomes: Contributed to 18% increase in engagement, $1B impact, accelerated innovation


The client was about to initiate its first enterprise-wide transformation project. However, outdated change management systems: 

  • Failed to engage leaders and employees ​
  • Focused too heavily on the mechanics of change, not the people enacting change
  • Frustrated collaboration and transformation between business units


A team of innovative change experts collaborated to develop Readiness & Adoption (R&A), a practical change methodology that assesses, designs, and activates customer-focused transformation. R&A: 

  • Uses human-centered design and a flexible set of tools to implement change with employees, not to them
  • Focuses on activating mindsets and behaviors – not just outcomes
  • Cultivates a shared change language and approach across the client and its business units 


The change methodology contributed to: 


Increase in engagement from employee involvement in change initiatives 


Impact by the end of 2022

Accelerated innovation

Through a unifying change approach and partnership with op model consultants

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