Did change even happen if people fail to activate?

Realizing outcomes can feel elusive. That’s because between strategy and results lies activation.

It’s a vital and often-neglected aspect of organizational change.

Our unique approach to bringing new beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets to life is also the connection point between operational, digital, and cultural capabilities.

Without activation, your capabilities and projects stand alone. Bringing them together enables each to feed the other.

Culture creates more opportunity for digital; digital for operational – and round and round it goes. That’s activation.

Change at the human level to build momentum for transformation.

All change happens through people.

We create the beliefs needed to enable the behaviors and mindsets necessary to gain commitment.
We disrupt the human need to maintain the status quo – by telling powerful stories.
We activate change by building organic change networks that build the momentum needed for transformation.

We don’t just
communicate change.

We influence it by utilizing a push and pull approach that connects with culture in areas like:

  • Lexicon and buzzwords
  • Networks
  • Leader behaviors
  • Semiotics
  • Rituals
  • Stories and legends

When we design activation, we draw from our deep knowledge of human behavior to shape a strategy that goes beyond engagement and focuses on employee commitment.

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When you can’t control market-level disruption, you can disrupt your own organization.

Be ready for what’s next.

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