Navigating Executive Transition (NExT)

Two-thirds of new executives
fail in their first year.

Are you ready for what’s NExT?

NExT is “en-surance” for organizations and leaders who want to maximize their opportunities before, during, and following a transition.

When leaders don’t have clear goals, the organization suffers.


Productivity falters

Direct reports of leaders without clear goals perform 15% worse.


Engagement plummets

Direct reports of leaders without clear goals are 20% more likely to leave.

x1/2 – x2

Costs soar

Replacing an employee typically costs between 1/2 – 2 times their salary.

Strong leadership starts with a strong transition.

NExT is built for C-suite and executive leaders entering a new role, joining a new organization, preparing for expanding responsibilities, and/or preparing for a future role.

En-sure leadership success

Scan and Shape

Map the new organization’s environment, structure, strategy, and expectations of key stakeholders.


Investigate transition strategy through several lenses and perspectives and customize action plans to a leader’s personal style.

Activate and Refine

Deliver an action-oriented transition plan and follow through with milestone checkpoints and continual support.

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